Five Ways to Keep DIY Nightmares from Happening

Just about every home owner that has attempted a repair on their own has a DIY horror story. Sometimes tasks do not come together correctly, and other times things tend to get out of control just a little bit. Unfortunate things and challenges are all part of the DIY game, but fortunately there are a few ways to keep the chances of you experiencing your own version of a do-it-yourself nightmare. Here is a look at a few:

Avoid Compulsive Renovations

While-You’re-at-it syndrome can strike just about any area of home improvement. You know what it is, because while you are replacing some boards on the deck that railing needs spruced up as well. Of course, now the landscaping needs upgraded. One task leads to another, and before you know it different areas of the home are in different states of disarray. You have to live in the home as well, so remember to leave yourself some space.

Consider a Home Warranty Service

Nothing can spoil a renovation project quicker than an unexpected breakdown in another area of the home. Home warranty companies like American Home Shield  offer a way for homeowners to get costs of those issues covered under a plan. Basically, a home warranty is a service contract for the house, and it can pay serious dividends to keep one project rolling when another one pops up unexpectedly.

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Set a Budget & Stick to It

Many home improvement nightmares start and end with costs. You will set a budget for a project, and you might find another material you would like to use. It might cost more, but anything for the home right? You set that budget for a reason, now stick to it and get the job done without adding a few hundred dollars to the total.

Evaluate Prior to Planning

You might love that new painting technique you saw on television last night, and that situation could be trouble. Take a few minutes and relax, because things always look easier on those shows. You can probably do it, but evaluate the project and make a plan before jumping neck deep in what could turn out to be a major renovation.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Every DIY homeowner has made a mistake or two, and learning from those mistakes is key to keeping future tasks from experiencing those same issues. If you have issues with electrical, hire that portion out or take a short class to learn how to do it right. Know your strengths and play to them, but always be open to learning a thing or two about the job you just did. There could be a lot more information there than you think.

In the end, home improvement nightmares can jump up with little indication anything is going wrong. By staying alert and focused on the renovation, you can reduce the chance of anything major going wrong and having stories to tell the people at work. Some preparation and planning go a long way, and you should never be shy about calling in a professional for a little bit of help.


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Why You Need a Home Warranty

Home warranties are not just a luxury. Home warranties are necessities that have the potential to save thousands of dollars and several headaches. For instance, AHS provides numerous benefits to homeowners that saves them money and ensures prompt customer service. Home warranties cover several appliances within the home so that if any of them are not functioning properly or need total replacement, they can either be repaired or replaced.

Home warranties make things easier. Many appliances are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty; however, this can be short-lived. People hardly think about extending their warranties. Some do extend their warranties, but this too is limited. Depending upon the number of warranties a homeowner has, the more the homeowner has to keep track of. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with each warranty, with which company, how repairs are done, phone numbers and contact information and other specification to get items repaired or replaced. With a home warranty, all appliances are covered under one warranty. Technicians arrive promptly to repair appliances.

Home warranties help to save homeowners money. Appliances can break down at any time. Despite the best efforts of homeowners to pick the best brands in appliances, they can and do break down. At times, parts can be just as expensive or as nearly as expensive as buying a new appliance outright. This can put homeowners in a predicament. They either have to spend money that they don’t have, or they have to charge more money on their credit cards. Paying a small monthly fee compared to shelling out a few hundred dollars to a few thousand makes a considerable difference. In addition, many repair companies charge a flat rate amount to come out and look at appliances. This fee is charged whether or not the appliance is actually repaired. The same fee may be charged if the technician comes out a second time. With a home warranty, this fee is avoided.

Any delay with a broken appliance can waste a lot of time. Running a home requires efficiency. Anytime an appliance breaks down, families have to plan alternate routes to get things done. When a refrigerator breaks down, families have to resort to eating out. When a washer machine is not working, families have to frequent laundromats. It might seem minor, but doing one load of laundry at home may take 15 minutes from putting a load in the washer, from the washer into the dryer and taking laundry out of the dryer. Homeowners are free to attend to other matters in the house. When people go to a laundromat, the same amount of time to do one load of laundry can take up to two hours because they are not free to attend to other matters.
Having a home warranty is well worth it. It pays for itself within no time. With all the amazing benefits a home warranty provides, one of the best benefits is that it provides peace of mind. Everything should be as easy

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